taly Trevi fountain

The Most Beautiful Cities in Italy

Discover Italy’s enchanting urban landscapes, the most beautiful cities in Italy, that seamlessly blend historic grandeur and contemporary charm. This journey through Italy’s most beautiful cities showcases architectural wonders, rich cultural heritage, and stunning natural settings. Each city is a unique tapestry of stories and beauty, revealing the heart of Italian artistry and history. Join …

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Ten Best Destinations in Europe For Over 50s Holidays

As we all grow older, our priorities and preferences change (ours certainly have!). We often begin to seek out experiences that offer relaxation, comfort, and a chance to indulge in the finer things in life. Europe has always been a popular destination for the more mature tourist, and plenty of destinations within the continent cater …

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Fireworks usually end Festivals in The Abruzzo Region of Italy

Festivals in Abruzzo, Italy

The beautiful region of Abruzzo, like all the regions of Italy, loves festivals, and in Abruzzo, there are dozens of festivals taking place every year.  This article explores festivals in the Abruzzo region of Italy and provides you with a calendar of some of the main festivals by month and location.