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About Destination Someplace

We, maybe like most people, spent years pursuing our careers and bringing up families. In between we travelled and even renovated an old property in Italy, all the time dreaming of the next destination.  Now given the freedom of no longer having to climb the career ladder we spend more time travelling, and when not travelling, we plan to travel… someplace.

Travel has always been a big part of our lives together, from car-tripping around Europe to life under canvas and making friends around the world. We like to mix it up when we travel so it is planes, trains and automobiles for us (along with ferries).  On this website, we detail some of our experiences and have put together some tips to help independent travellers who are still young in spirit.

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Steve & Mrs A

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Look no further, we strive to put as much love into our articles as we can, because we just love travelling. So, if you feel the need to for finding your next travel ...someplace look no further.